A member of the fund who is having not less than ten years of completed service on super annuation shall be eligible for pension under this chapter:

        Provided that a member of the fund who is not having ten completed years of service but is having nine and half or more completed years of service shall be deemed to have completed ten years of service for the purpose of eligibility for pension

**46B. Rate of pension:-

(1) A member of the fund on super annuation shall be   entitled for a minimum pension of 1100 per month members having more  than ten completed years of service shall be entitled for enhanced.   

pension at the rate of 75 Rs per month for stage carriage (Heavy vehicle) stage carriage (Light vehicle), Contract carriage & Luxury buses, Goods vehicle (Heavy) & Goods vehicle (Medium), & at the enhanced rate or Rs 50/- per month for multi utility vehicles (like Omni vans, Toyota Quails, Tempo traveler, Taxi cab etc) Auto rickshaws other than those covered under Kerala Auto rickshaws Workers Welfare Fund Scheme 1991, Tractor, Tiller or other similar type of vehicles the enhancement will be for every completed year of service over and above ten years

(2) A member of the fund on becoming completely disabled to do his work as a motor transport worker shall be entitled to a minimum pension of 1100/- Rs irrespective of the length of service, if no otherwise entitled for pension under subparagraph (1) above