A member registered who continues to be employed in a motor transport undertaking shall be entitled to medical benefit if he has completed two years of continuous membership in the fund.

A member has to undergo or has undergone treatment for any disease mentioned below in any of the hospitals approved by the Government for the treatment of Government servants, for the time  being, shall be entitled for a non refundable advance towards expenses for medical treatment. This amount will be limited to either 50%  of the actual charges incurred or estimated to be incurred for the treatment or Fifty Thousand which ever is less, subjected to Board’s decision in each case. In the event of death of such an eligible member before the receipt of the benefit, the amount will be paid along with death benefit to his nominee or members of his family.

Disease and treatment for which medical benefit is admissible

(i) Cancer                         Treatments given for all kind of   Cancer and Tumors.

(ii) Tuberculosis                 In case its leads to a condition compelling the member to abstain  from work

(iii) Paralysis  If the member is led to permanent total disablement

(iv) Cardiological diseases   (1) Coronary artery bypass surgery

(2) Emergency open heart surgery

(3) Valve replacement surgery

(4) Pacemaker implantation

(5) Vascular graft surgery

(v) Renal disease Treatments given for all kinds of Renal diseases

     A member who had ones availed medical benefit for a particular disease shall be eligible to claim the benefit for the same disease only after 10 years.