Medical Benefit

A member of the fund who continuous to be employed in the motor transport undertaking shall entitle to medical benefit, if he has completed 2 years of continuous membership in the fund.

A member who has to undergo/has undergone treatment for any of the diseases mentioned in sub paragraph (3) in any of the hospitals approved by Government for the treatment of Government servants, for the time being, shall be entitled for a non-refundable advance towards expenses for medical treatment. This amount will be limited to either 50% of the actual charges incurred or estimated to be incurred for the treatment or Rs.1,00,000/- whichever is less, subjected to Board’s decision in each case.

Disease and treatment for which medical benefit is admissible.

  1. Cancer – Treatments given for all kind of Cancer and Tumour.
  2. Tuberculosis – In case it leads to a condition compelling the member to abstain from work.
  3. Paralysis – If the member is led to permanent total Disablement.
  4. All type of Cardiovascular diseases, diagnostic procedure, Angiogram and therapeuitc proceudre Angioplasty.
  5. Renal disease- Treatments given for all kinds of Renal Diseases.
  6. Knee joint replacement Surgery.
  7. Liver related diseases (Hepatic)
  8. Brain related diseases
  9. Opthalmic diseases
  10. Neuro
  11. Orthopedic
  12. Hepatobiliary diseases
  13. Respiratory diseases
  14. Gastroenteric diseases
  15. Arthritic diseases
  16. Chronic diabetics and its complications
  17. All types of surgery
  18. Hepatitis
  19. Ulcer
  20. Hemorrhoid

A member who had once availed medical benefit for particular disease shall be eligible to claim the benefit for the same disease only after 10 years.